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Daily Call LogDaily Call Log » April 6, 2021

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Date / Time Location Case/Cite  Number Crime/ Incident Charges Officer Disposition
04/06/21 0813 Fulton District Office- Alley Way SC21-0000167 VANDALISM N/A M. REY REPORT TAKEN
04/06/21  0838 1805 N. Blackstone SC21-0000168 VANDALISM N/A R. KIFER REPORT TAKEN
04/06/21 1050 RCC Residence Hall SC21-0000169 GI- WELFARE CHECK N/A J. MCBETH REPORT TAKEN
04/06/21 1155 RCC Lot D SC21-0000170 HIT AND RUN VC 20002A J. MCBETH REPORT TAKEN