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In case of an emergency or to report a crime in progress, locate an emergency phone on campus or dial 911 from any phone.

Why should I report a crime?

By reporting crimes that occur on your campus you can help the Police Department combat crime and keep SCCCD safe and secure. If you’ve been the victim of a crime it’s really important to report it. We know that sometimes it’s not easy to decide to come forward. But we also know that if no one reports a crime, it’s as if it never happened.

Sexual Assault

SCCCD Police Department is prepared to respond to any report of sexual assault brought to our attention. If you are a victim of sexual assault on campus, please call the SCCCD Police Department. We are here to help. For more information refer to the Sexual Assault Victim Information page on this site.

How do I report a crime?

You can report a crime in person, by phone, or online by using the form below.

    Do not use the online form if:

  • The crime is happening now
  • The offender is still there or nearby
  • Someone saw the crime being committed
  • Evidence has been left at the scene

State Center Community College District Police Department
Documented Event Report

Fill out the form below to report a crime or incident. Please be as detailed as possible.

Reporting Party Information

Crime/Event Specifics

Additional Involved Parties

Property List

Please provide a detailed description of the incident